Progression Since the First Week

Joining JMS220 I had the expectation of learning about how media has evolved over the years and how to deal with it. However, since the first weeks I have noticed that this class is more focused on the actual writing itself. How to write based on who it is for or what kind of journalist you are.

One subject I did not even knew existed was AP format. While I am not super interested in it, I have become a lot better at it as the classes go on. It is extremely hard to memorize how to abbreviate what, what you can and can't say, etc. That can be very frustrating to me because I will think I know how to do it perfectly yet, it will still be wrong.

I really have never noticed before how news articles were written. I would always just read the mpiortant facts it gives me and then move on. However, I relaize now that a lot more thought goes into it than just writing the information. Choosing which is important and which is not can be way more difficult than I realized.

Overall, I would say I have actually progressed as a news journalist but, it is not really where I want to take my career in the future. Making it hard to be passionate about it.



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